Section D - Row 9

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Main - Section D - Row - 9 - 1 - Hardy

Erected by THOMAS HARDY, In Memory of ROBERT HARDY, his son who died 28th August 1844 aged 3 months. 

Also JOHN HARDY, his son who died 17th July 1858 aged 12 years. 

Also ELIZABETH HARDY, his daughter who died 16th Dec. 1855 aged 2 years. 

Also ELIZABETH HARDY his wife who died 10th May 1873  aged 62 years. 

Also THOMAS HARDY who died at Scremerston, 21st Aug. 1889 aged 70 years.

Main - Section D - Row - 9 - 2 - Wilson/Collingwood

Sacred to the Memory of MARGARET WILSON, for 25 years a faithful and much valued servant in the family of Mrs. COLLINGWOOD of Cornhill House, who departed this life 21st July 1868 aged 78 years.


Main - Section D - Row - 9 - 3 - Reid

Erected in memory of ISABELLA  REID in affectionate remembrance of JOHN REID their son who was drowned by accident in the River Till near Etal on JUne 26th 1887 aged 25 years. ("God's finger touched him and he slept"). Also ISABELLA REID who died at Norham January 28th 1904 aged 64 years. He Giveth His Beloved Sleep.