Section D - Row 8

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Main - Section D - Row - 8 - 1 - Dickson/McCall

In Memory of HELEN DICKSON, daughter of ROBERT and MARGARET DICKSON, who died at Barelees, 12th May 1852 aged 2 years.  Also PETER DICKSON who died 18th October 1857 aged 12 weeks.  Also MARY ANN DICKSON who died 26th February 1874 aged 28 years.  Also MARGARET DICKSON who died 2nd April 1874 aged 16 years.  Also ISABELLA DICKSON who died 22nd April 1874 aged 14 years.  Also of the above ROBERT DICKSON who died at Barelees, 29th April 1879 aged 73 years.  Also MARGARET McCALL, wife of the above who died at Harcarse Hill, 16 Jany. 1902 aged 82 years.

Main - Section D - Row - 8 - 2 - Spence/Smith

In Memory of ROBERT SPENCE, who died at Burton, 23rd November 1865 aged 24 years.  Also AGNES, his sister who died at Cornhill, 23rd February 1845 aged 4 1/2 years.  Also JANE SPENCE, mother of the above wife of ROBERT SPENCE, who died at Newcastle, 4th December 1876 aged 78 years.  Also of the said ROBERT SPENCE who died, 1st October 1877 aged 74 years.  Also ANDREW SMITH, son-in-law of the above, who died 19th January 1885 aged 54 years.  Also ELIZABETH, his daughter who died at West Learmouth, 10th June 1896 aged 64 years.  Also HELEN, wife of the above ANDREW SMITH, who died 10th March 1901 aged 88 years.


Main - Section D - Row - 8 - 3 - Smith

Erected to the Memory of ANDREW, the beloved son of GEORGE SMITH, who died at Presson, 7th April 1875 aged 30 years.  Also THOMAS his son who died at Wark Common, 11th Augt. 1880 aged 17 years.  Also ANN the beloved wife of GEORGE SMITH who died at Downham, 18th Aprile [sic] 1883 aged 62 years.  Also the above GEORGE SMITH who died at Beal, 11th April 1899 aged 79 years. 


               A. WEATHERHEAD & COWE Sc.