Section D - Row 7

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Main - Section D - Row - 7 - 1 - Dickson

In Loving Memory of my dear husband WILLIAM DICKSON, farmer, who died at Harcarse Hill, 4th March 1910, aged 55 years.  Also MARY wife of the above, who died at Norham 7th Sept. 1933 aged 75 years.  Also their twin daughters who died in infancy.

Main - Section D - Row - 7 - 2 - Lumsden

In Memory of JOHN LUMSDEN who died at Learmouth, 13th February 1868 aged 70 years.  Also MARY his wife who died 28th July 1875.

Main - Section C - Row - 7 - 3 - Dickson

Erected by HENRY and ELIZABETH DICKSON, In Memory of their daughter JEMIMA, who died at Cornhill, 19th December 1879 aged 20 months.  Also AGNES their daughter who died 26th Dec. 1882, aged 27 days.  Also the above HENRY DICKSON who died at Castle Law, 14th Aug. 1926 aged 83 years.  Also the above ELIZABETH DICKSON, who died at Castlelaw, 7th Oct. 1931 aged 89 years.  Also ELIZABETH their daughter who died at Melrose, 8th March 1949 aged 76 years.

“Be ye also ready for such an hour as ye think not the Son of Man cometh” Mat. XXIV

ON BACK In Memory of ROBERT DICKSON, son of the late HENRY & ELIZABETH DICKSON, Castle Law, who died 20th February 1957 aged 82 years.

Main - Section D - Row - 7 - 4 - Moscrop/Torrie

(Stone requires to be lifted). Sacred to the Memory of MARGARET MOSCROP, wife of ROBERT TORRIE, who died at Marldown, 15th June 1892 aged 30 years.  Also of ANDREW MOSCROP, her brother who died at Coldstream, 28th December 1945 aged 71 years.