Section C - Row 6

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Main - Section C - Row - 6 - 1 - Robison

?       ROBISON
Daughter ELL? ...............................................
? Old Learmouth
Aged 92 years
? the said PETER ROBISON who died at Norham Boat House, July 17th 1855 aged 67 years.  Also ELIZABETH ROBISON, his wife who died Norham Boat House ..?.. July 186?

Main - Section C - Row - 6 - 2 - Speedy

(On the crest in the inscription THY WILL BE DONE). (The stone is now lying flat with the ivy removed). In loving memory of THOMAS SPEEDY, who died at Howtell, 16th June 1886 aged 57 years.  Also MARY SPEEDY, wife of the above, who died at Spittal 26th Aug. 1892 aged 58 years.
Their Children shall rise up
and call them blessed

Also ELIZABETH SPEEDY, daughter of the above who died at Spittal, 23 June 1935 aged 76 years.



Main - Section C - Row - 6 - 3 - Speedy

 (Headstone hidden in a robust bush). Erected by ROBERT SPEEDY, In Memory of WILLIAM, his son who died 2nd Sept. 1831? aged ? 20 months.  Also ISABELLA? his daughter, who died 30th May 1831?  aged 6 months.  And ELIZABETH who died ..?.. 1852? aged 26 years.  Also the above ROBERT SPEEDY who died ? Nov. 1851 aged ???   Also ISABELLA SPEEDY, wife of the above who died 25 April 1881 aged 82? years.

Main - Section C - Row - 6 - 5 - Hope

Erected by JANE HOPE, In Memory of WILLIAM HOPE, her beloved husband who died at Lookout, Novr. 4th 1887, aged 64 years.  Also ELIZABETH their beloved daughter who died at Heaton Moor, Aug. 24th 1854 aged 2 years.  Also the above JANE HOPE, who died at Lookout, May 20th 1898 aged 75 years.

            “O’ call it not death its a Holy sleep and
                 the precious dust the Lord will keep”


Main - Section C - Row - 6 - 6 - Johnston

Erected by ROBERT JOHNSTON, In Memory of his daughter ELEANOR who died June 16th 1833 aged 17 years.  Also ISABELLA JOHNSTON his daughter who died Septr. 2nd 1849 aged 40 years.  Also ROBERT JOHNSTON, father of the above, who died July 29th 1852 aged 69 years.  His was Peace
Also CATHERINE JOHNSTON, his wife who died 16th June 1866 aged 83 years.

Main - Section C - Row - 6 - 7 - Wake

(This headstone is now lying flat). Erected by WM. WAKE, In Memory of his son THOMAS who died 27th Oct. 1831 aged 17 years.  Also MARGARET his wife who died 17th Septr. 1813 aged 52 years.  Also CATHERINE his mother who died June 28th 1844 aged 91 years.  Also WILLIAM WAKE husband of MARGT. WAKE who died at Cornhill, May 17th 1848 aged 60 years.  Also PHILIP WAKE who died at Cornhill, April 13th 1849 aged 15 years.  Also WILLIAM WAKE son of JOHN and MARGARET WAKE who died at Cornhill on 1st Novr. 1864 aged 5 years.  Also three of their children who died in infancy.  Also the above JOHN WAKE who died at Cornhill, 29th April 1881 aged 60 years.  Also the above MARGARET WAKE who died at Coldstream 19th July 1894 aged 70 years.

Main - Section C - Row - 6 - 8 -  Ramsey/Valentine

In Memory of MARY VALENTINE wife of WILLIAM RAMSAY, Coldstream, who died 10th March1870 aged 79 years.

“The race appointed I have run
The combat’s over, the prize is won
and now my witness is on High
and now my record’s in the sky”

Also of ROBERT RAMSAY, son of the above who died 13th November 1863 aged 8 months.  Also the above WILLIAM RAMSAY who died 28th Jany. 1885 aged 88 years.  Also WILLIAM RAMSAY his son who died 2nd March 1888 aged 63 years.