Section B - Row 2

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Main - Section B - Row 2 -1 - Morris

Very difficult to read these days. In this Church and Churchyard lie the bodies of JAMES VALENTINE MORRIS, who departed this life April 28th Anno Domini 1802 aged 42 years and of MARY his wife who died Jan. 19th 1853 aged --------   
Also of their children who departed, WILLIAM TROTTER, Ap. 18th, JAMES ---------- Aug. 12th 1813, ANDREW GEORGE, Dec. 22nd 1818, JAMES VALENTINE, Aug. 5th ----------------------------------- MARGARET ISABELLA, Aug. 27th 1853, ANN FRANCES Aug. 26th 1856.  MORRIS.  RICHARD ..............  Spouse of ANN FRANCES, Aug. 27th 1832

Main - Section B - Row 2 - 5 - Erected

Erected. Ivy now taken off. There are small stones lying near the headstone. 

Main - Section B - Row 2 - 6 - Illegible

Stone leaning against another stone. Has a skull and cross bone, coffin and timer. Text on rear but illegible and maybe latin.

Main - Section B - Row 2 - 7 - Swan/Fulton

Sacred to the Memory of JOHN SWAN who died at Tillmouth, 8th October 1942 aged 84 years.  Also MARGARET FULTON his wife who died at Dalkeith 21 July 1945 aged 87 years.

Main - Section B - Row 2 - 8 - Swan/Johnston

Erected by JOHN & MARY SWAN, TILLMOUTH,  In Loving Memory of their daughter AGNES, wife of THOMAS JOHNSTON, Newcastle upon Tyne, who died at Tillmouth, 26th July 1873 aged 28 years.  Also the above MARY SWAN who died 22nd Nov. 1887 aged 67 years.  Also the above JOHN SWAN who died at Tillmouth 16th June 1904, aged 86 years.

Main - Section B - Row 2 - 9 - Swan/Ewart

Erected by AGNES SWAN, In Memory of her husband NICHOLAS, who died at Donaldsons Lodge, October 1856 aged 88 years.  Also their son HENRY who died at Crookham, 16 August 1845 aged 33 years.  Also of the above AGNES SWAN who died at Donaldsons Lodge, 23rd March 1867 aged 89 years.  Also their son  WILLIAM, who died at Donaldsons Lodge, October 1st 1877 aged 66 years.  Also their son RALPH who died at Spittal, 3rd Feb. 1886 aged 64 years.  Also ISABELLA EWART, Relict of the above RALPH SWAN who died at Spittal, 8th June 1897 aged 76 years.

Main - Section B - Row 2 - 10 - Swan/Gibson

Stone leaning forward nowadays. In Loving Memory of ROBERT SWAN who died at New Harper Ridge, 3rd March 1892 aged 88 years.  Also ELIZABETH GIBSON his wife who died at Dalkeith, 22nd Dec. 1871, aged 62 years. And of NICHOLAS & WILLIAM their sons who died 7th April 1852 aged 11 & 9 years.  Also ELIZABETH their daughter who died in May 1857 aged 8 years.

Main - Section B - Row 2 - 11 - Tait

Erected in Memory of GEORGE TAIT who died 31st. Aug. 1804 aged 54 years.  Also his son NICHOLAS died 31st July 1799 aged 9 years and also his spouse MARGARET TAIT who died 4th Dec. 1830 aged 82 years. And ANDREW TAIT their son.