Section A - Row 12

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Main - Section A - Row 12 - 1 - Hunter

In Memory of ROBERT HUNTER, who died at Ford wood, 12th April 1877, aged 76 years.  Also MARGARET, widow of the above who died 13th Jan 1886, aged 85 years.  Also THOMAS BROWN HUNTER, who died at Ford Wood House, 24th October 1898, aged 61 years.  Also ELIZABETH ISABELLA HUNTER, who died at Wooler, 6th July 1923 aged 83 years.

Main - Section A - Row 12 - 2 - Reid/Palmer

Erected In Memory of WILLIAM REID, who died at Coldstream, 6th December 1848, aged 50 years.  Also of ELIZABETH his wife who died at Coldstream, August 15th 1862, aged 69 years.  Also AGNES PALMER, wife of WILLIAM REID, Tailor, who died at Cornhill, 24th December 1893 aged 67 years.  Also WILLIAM REID, who died at Cornhill, 1st January 1903 in his 77th year.  Also ANN REID, daughter of AGNES and WILLIAM REID, who died 9th April 1933, aged 79 years.

Main - Section A - Row 12 - 3 - Illegible

Illegible stone with skull and crossbone

Main - Section A - Row 12 - 4 - Tunnah

In Memory of GRACE, wife of WILLIAM TUNNAH, who died January 26th 1811, aged 42 years.  Also MARY their daughter who died June 9th 1816 aged 8 months.  Also WILLIAM TUNNAH, husband of the above who departed this life at Tughall January 2nd 1840, aged 69 years.

Main - Section A - Row 12 - 5 - Coultherd

In Loving Memory of MARGARET COULTERD, died 5th March 1923, also ADAM, husband of above, died 2nd November 1923.  Also MARY, daughter of above, died 13th December 1948.

Main - Section A - Row 12 - 6 - Baptist

Erected by GEORGE BAPTIST Three Rivers Canada in memory of his father who dies at Home Bank Dec ? Also his mother who dies at Wark Dec ? 1853 aged 69 years. Very difficult to read headstone.

Main - Section A - Row 12 - 7 - Elistable

Largely unreadable headstone. ...Lyes body of ELISTABLE the second ....1707. Written in latin and needs ground taken away to get full transcript.

Main - Section A - Row 12 - 8 - Baptist

In affectionate Memory of ARCHBOLD BAPTIST, who died at Moneylaws, 5th Feb. 1879, aged 71 years.  Also of JANE BAPTIST, his wife, who died at Flodden Tile Sheds, 20th Oct. 1893, aged 83 years.  Also JANE BAPTIST, his daughter, who died at Ancroft, 13th August 18? aged 17 months.  Also JANE BAPTIST, his daughter who died at Ancroft, 17th Nov. 1848, aged 3 years.

Main - Section A - Row 12 - 9 - Baptist

Erected in Memory of JOHN BAPTIST, who died at Coldstream, December 1st 1852 aged 13 years.  Also of PHILLIS BAPTIST, mother, who died at Coldstream 10th April 1869, aged 68 years.  Also JOSEPH BAPTIST, Engineer and son, who died at Portsea, 3rd August 1868 aged 36 years.