Section A - Row 8

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Main - Section A - Row 8 - 1 -  Grey

Erected In Memory of MARGARET GREY, daughter of JOHN and MARGARET GREY, who died at Old Heaton, Feb. 16th 1815?, aged 5 years.  Also MARGARET GREY, who died May 21st ? 1837, aged 18 years and also the above JOHN GREY who died Aug. 16th 1850, aged 70 years. Some parts of the headstone are difficult to read.

Main - Section A - Row 8 - 2 - Illegible

The headstone requires lifting to read the inscription

Main - Section A - Row 8 - 3 - Nevins

In affectionate remembrance of MARY NEVINS the beloved daughter of JAMES and MARGARET NEVINS who died at Crookham, April 11th 1881, aged 13 years.
“This lovely bud so young so fair call’d home by early doom
came but to show how sweet a flower in paradise could bloom”
Also the above MARGARET NEVINS who died at Crookham, 4th Feby.  1907, aged 80 years.  Also the above JAMES NEVINS who died at Crookham, 24th July 1909, in his 82nd year.

Main - Section A - Row 8 - 4 - Quis Mortis

The headstone requires drying-off and brushing to be able to read the inscription.

Main - Section A - Row 8 - 5 - Hope

Swift was his flight and short the road he closed his eye and saw H-   In Memory of WILLIAM HOPE of Twisel Bridge End, who died Oct. 17th 1803 aged 14 years.  He was a sincere and campanion who died ........ illegible.

Main - Section A - Row 8 - 6 - Taylor/Jerdan

Sacred to the memory of NICHOLAS TAYLOR who died 24 Decr. 1854 aged 45 years.  Also ELIZABETH his wife who died 6th April 1889 aged 76 years.  In Loving Memory of MARY wife of ANDREW JERDAN and daughter of the above, died 12th July 1890 aged 52 years.  Also ELIZABETH their daughter, died 4th Jany. 1875 aged 11 years.  Also EUPHEMIA their daughter, died 14th Octr. 1890 aged 14 years.  Also ALICE ANN their daughter died 28th Novr. 1891 aged 20 years.  Also JOHN JERDAN their grandchild who died 27th Octr. 1902 aged 6 years.

Main - Section A - Row 8 - 7 - Allan

In Memory of ELIZABETH, wife of JOHN ALLAN who died at Cornhill, Oct. 31st 1818 aged 39 years.  Also his son, JOHN who died 1.Febr 1819 aged six months.

Main - Section A - Row 8 - 8 - Winterup/Tait

In Memory of MARGARET WINTERUP, wife of JOHN TAIT, Farmer, Milne Graden West Mains, who died 20th Sep. 1878 aged 69 years.  Also the above JOHN TAIT who died at Milne Graden Mains 7th July 1885 aged 82 years.  Also MARY their daughter, who died at Coldstream 12th Nov. 1815 aged 73 years.

Main - Section A - Row 8 - 9 - Coultert

In Loving Memory of RACHEL COULTERT, died 21st January 1908 aged 56 years, beloved wife of ALEXANDER COULTERT, died 15th October 1914 aged 72 years.  Also their son ADAM COULTERT, died 24th January 1968 aged 84 years and their daughter AMELIA COULTERT, died 15th February 1972 aged 76 years. this headstone has fallen and needs lifting to be able to checking the inscription.

Main - Section A - Row 8 - 10 - Hogg

Erected by JANE HOGG in Memory of her husband JOHN HOGG of Horncliffe, who died July 29th 1840 aged 67 years.  Also of JAMES their son, died May 15th 1823 aged 25 years and also ISABELLA their daughter, died Feby. 14th 1830 aged 27 years.  Also of WILLIAM their son, who died June 25th 1818 aged 13 years.  Also the above JANE HOGG who died 9th October 1850 aged 75 years.  Also of JOHN their son who died 19th January 1860 aged 49 years.