Section A - Row 7

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Main - Section A - Row 7 - 1 - Waugh

Erected by MARY WAUGH In Memory of her husband EDWARD WAUGH who died Novr. 22nd 1843 aged 33 years.  Also HELEN their daughter who died Jany. 30th 1889 aged ...... years.  Also MARY their daughter who died Decr. 3rd 1891 ................  Also the above MARY WAUGH died 26 Febr. ........  aged .... years.  

The memory. Headstone has deteriorated in past few years.

Main - Section A - Row 7 -2 - WB

There is a round-headed headstone with only WB readable.

Main - Section A - Row 7 - 3 - Watt/Turnbull

Erected by ALEXR. WATT In Memory of WILLIAM TURNBULL, his father in law, who died 26th Augt.  1881 aged 65 years.  Also his son JOHN TURNBULL who died 28th Septr. 1825 aged 23 years.  Also of ALISON wife of the above ALEXR. WATT, who died 1st Feby. 1862 aged 79 years. The headstone is now largely unreadable.

Main - Section A - Row 7 - 4 - Langlands/Middlemass

In Memory of ANN LANGLANDS who died at Coldstream, April 20 1803 aged 78 years.  Also ROBERT MIDDLEMASS who died Octr. 28th 1816, aged 20 years.  Also ELIZABETH LANGLANDS died Octr. the 5th 1851 aged 72 YEARS. Also JOHN LANGLANDS 6th Jany. 1857 aged 73 years.

Main - Section A - Row 7 - 5 - Nevins/Gibson/Sprott

Erected by JOHN NEVINS In Memory of JANE GIBSON his wife who died at Marldown, 9th May 1863, and of their children who died at the above place.  GEORGE, 14th Feby. 1828, GEORGE, 8th Jany. 1855, ISABELLA, 27th March 1877.  Also of the above JOHN NEVINS who died at Marldown, 8th October 1878.  Also JANET SPROTT his daughter-in-law, wife of THOMAS NEVINS who died at West Heaton, 9th August 1904 aged 64 years.  Also of the said THOMAS NEVINS who died at West Heaton, 27th September 1906 aged 75.

Main - Section A - Row 7 - 6 - Ford

In Memory of GEORGE FORD the beloved son of ALEXANDER and CATHERINE FORD of Cornhill, who died 21st Oct. 1877 aged 20 years.  He was a student in the Durham Training College where he was highly respected and this stone has been erected as a tribute of affectionate regards by his fellow students.  Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.  Also the above ALEXANDER FORD who died at Coldstream, 13th July 1897 aged 78 years.  Also the above CATHERINE FORD who died at Coldstream, 23rd Jany. 1900 aged 75 years.

Main - Section A - Row 7 - 7 - Marshall/Howey

Erected by NICHOLAS and ELLEN MARSHALL of Cornhill.  In loving remembrance of their children JAMES who died 29th December 1862 aged 6 years, also an infant daughter who died 31st December 1862, MARGARET who died 2nd January 1863, aged 7 years.  ADAM HOWEY MARSHALL who died 11th Feb. 1873 aged 3 years.  ANN ISABELLA who died 12th April 1880 aged 20 years.  ELLEN MARSHALL who died at Spittal, 26th October 1881 aged 17 years.  Also the above NICHOLAS SWAN MARSHALL who died at Norham, 19th Aug. 1891 aged 60 years.  Also the above ELLEN MARSHALL who died at Tweedmouth 9th April 1894 aged 60 years.  Also MARGARET HOWEY, grandmother of the above children who died 13th Aug. 1862 aged 67 years.

Main - Section A - Row 7 - 8 - Douglas

Erected by the children In Memory of their parents WILLIAM DOUGLAS, Coachman, who died at Cornhill, 27th Sept. 1842 aged 56 years.  Also ELPHEMIA DOUGLAS, wife of the above, who died at Cornhill 11th July 1878 aged 56 years.  Also GEORGE their son who died at Morpeth, Oct. 5th 1846, aged 24 years.  Also WILLIAM DOUGLAS, grandson of the above WILIAM DOUGLAS who died at Coldstream, Jan. 6th 1854 aged 5 years. There are pieces missing from the headstone.

Main - Section A - Row 7 - 9 - Douglas/Menzies

Erected in loving memory of JAMES DOUGLAS, late of Cornhill, who died at Coldstream, 28th Feby. 1905 in his 89th year.  Also WILLIAM DUNCAN, his son who died at Cornhill, 23rd Octr. 1863, aged 1 year.  Also GEORGE JAMES his son who died at Cornhill, 1st May 1876, aged 5 years and 9 months.  Also JESSIE MENZIES his wife who died 9th April 1909 aged 78 years.  Also MARGARET their daughter who died at Blackburn, 5th Nov. 1922.  Also WILLIAM DUNCAN their son who died at London 3rd Nov. 1930.  Also JESSIE ELPHEMIA their eldest daughter who died at Dunster, Wooler, 29th May 1943 and GRACE their daughter who died at Dunster, Wooler, 6th Feb. 1949.