Section A - Row 6

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Main - Section A - Row 6 - 1 - Richardson/Ross

In Memory of JANE RICHARDSON, who departed this life 28th Nov. 1839 aged 68 years.  Also EDITH ELIZA ROSS, died 10th September 1867 aged two months.

Main - Section A - Row 6 - 2 - Mallen/Hadden

JAMES MALLEN beloved husband of HANNAH HADDEN, who died Jan. 3rd 1902, in his 60th year.  The above named HANNAH HADDEN who died at Beanly, May 16th 1921 aged 73 years.
“Thy will be done”

Main - Section A - Row 6 - 3 - Mellors

Errected by “Illeg.”
By JOHN MELLORS, In Memory of THOMAS MELLORS his son, who died at Cornhill, July 15th 1850 aged 19 years.
Remembered   by

Main - Section A - Row 6 - 7 - Marshall

In Memory of JANE, wife to JAMES MARSHALL, Blacksmith, Cornhill, who died 2nd Oct. 1(date) aged 57 years.  The above, JAMES MARSHALL was Parish Clark here for upwards of 34 years, he died the 3rd July 1839 aged 72 years.  And of WILLIAM MARSHALL, son of the above Blacksmith in Cornhill, who died June 15th 1852 aged 56 years.  Also MARTHA MARSHALL, wife of the above WILLIAM MARSHALL who died ? Mount Pleasant 8th May 1868 aged 70 years.

Main - Section A - Row 6 - 8 - Marshall

In loving memory of ELLEN beloved wife of ALFRED MARSHALL who died 1st Decr 1975 aged 73 years. And of the above ALFRED MARSHALL who died 17th Augt. 1976 aged 77 years.

Main - Section A - Row 6 - 9 - Smith

Sacred to the memory of GEORGE SMITH, Merchant in Coldstream, who died 14th January 1842 aged 38 years.  Also MARGARET GILROY, his wife who died 24th April 1864 aged 60 years.  Also ELIZABETH CATHERINE, their daughter who died 26th February 1841 aged 18 months.  Also JOHN GILROY SMITH, their son who died at Ipswich, Queensland on the 6th August 1868 aged 31 years.  Also GEORGE SMITH their son who died 1st September 1869 aged 34 years.

This monument is erected by GEORGE SMITH, Coldstream and JOHN G SMITH, Ipswich Queensland in grateful remembrance and of their mother’s memory

Main - Section A - Row 6 - 10 - Nicholson

Erected by GEORGE NICHOLSON, Blacksmith in Coldstream.  In Memory of his son GEORGE who died 22nd June 1836 aged 15 months.  Also of the said GEORGE NICHOLSON, who died at Coldstream, 9th Janry. 1857 aged 57 years.  Also of ALICE his wife who died at Coldstream, 31st May 1859 aged 56 years.

Main - Section A - Row 6 - 4 - Scott

Erected by ANN SCOTT, Coldstream, In Memory of THOMAS SCOTT her husband, who died 3rd Feby. 1859 aged 39 years.  Also MARY SCOTT her daughter who died 21st Septr. 1845 aged 1 year.  Also MARGARET SCOTT her daughter who died 15th July 1852 aged 10 years.  Also JAMES SCOTT her son who died 12th Augt. 1852 aged 1 year and 8 months.  Also JANE SCOTT her daughter who died 13th Augt. 1861 aged 6 years.  Also WILLIAM SCOTT her son who died 16th Sept. 1865 aged 16 years.  Also MARY SCOTT who died 11th Jany. 1866 aged 19 years.  Also the above ANN SCOTT, who died 25th Octr. 1897 aged 79 years.  Also AGNES SCOTT her daughter who died 28th Octr. 1934 aged 81 years.

Main - Section A - Row 6 - 5 - Logan/Scott

Erected by WILLIAM LOGAN, Cornhill, In Memory of THOMAS his son who died in infancy, 29th Octr. 1844.  Also JANE his daughter who died 5th May 1852 aged 4 years and MARY his daughter who died 6th May 1852 aged 10 years.  Also THOMAS his son who died 21st May 1852 aged 6 years.  Also of the above WILLIAM LOGAN who died 21st January 1876 aged 60 years.  Also MARGARET SCOTT his wife who died 13th July 1897 aged 84 years.

Main - Section A - Row 6 - 6 - Marshall

Erected In Memory of MARTHA MARSHALL who died at Mount Pleasant, October 5th 1865 aged 56 years.  Also ANN MARSHALL who died at Presson Hill, July 8th 1885 aged 64 years.  Also JAMES MARSHALL who died at Presson Hill, 3rd Sept. 1902 aged 76 years.