Section A - Row 3

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Main - Section A - Row 3 - 2 - Hogarth

In Memory of ISABELLA HOGARTH, who died at New Heaton on 17th June 1797 aged 55 years.  Also of ARCHIBALD her husband who died at Fishes Stead, 23rd Novr. 1832 aged 88 years and of JAMES their son who died.  The office of Precentor and Schoolmaster at Etal, 36 years with honour to himself and where he ended his irreproachable life, 7th Feb. 1853 aged 65 years.

Main - Section A - Row 3 - 3 - Burn

In Memory of ELIZABETH, daughter of GEORGE and ISABELLA BURN, Cornhill, who died 15th Aug. 1864 aged 3 years and 6 months.  Also ISABELLA mother of the above, who died 9th Sept. 1872 aged 44 years.  Also GEORGE their son died 1st March 1886 aged 37 years.  Also ROBERT their son died 22nd April 1886 aged 35 years.  Also JAMES their son died May 19th 1900.  Also GEORGE BURN, father of the above, died October 7th 1905 aged 84.

Main - Section A - Row 3 - 4 - Hogg/Johnston

In Memory of THOMAS HOGG, who died  August 7th ---- aged 70 years, Feur in Whitsome .................... of his spouse ANN JOHNSTON, who died ..............................................    remainder obscure

Main - Section A - Row 3 - 5 - Moffat

Erected by THOMAS MOFFAT In Memory of his brother ANDREW MOFFAT who died Donaldsons Lodge 15th Sept. 1855 aged 22 years.  Also his mother HELEN MOFFAT who died at Donaldsons Lodge, 15th March 1876 aged 76 years.  Also of his father ANDREW MOFFAT who died at Donaldsons Lodge, 13th Oct. 1890 aged 81 years.

Main - Section A - Row 3 - 6 - Currie

In Memory of JOHN CURRIE, who died 2nd Octr. 1879, aged 68 years.  Also his wife JANE CURRIE who died 14th June 1889 aged 78 years.  Also their son EDWARD who died 7th Novr. 1915 aged 73 years and their daughter SARAH JANE who died 5th Feb. 1916 aged 75 years.