Section E - Row 1

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Section E - Row 1 - 1 Speedy

In Loving Memory of ELIZABETH SPEEDY, wife of ALEXANDER HENDERSON, who died at Station Cottages, Cornhill, 22nd Dec. 1936, aged 64 years.  Also the above ALEXANDER HENDERSON who died 21st March 1941 aged 64.

Section E - Row 1 - 2 - Johnstone

In Loving Memory of EMILY ELIZABETH, beloved wife of THOMAS JOHNSTONE who died 20th April 1935 aged 52 years.  Also the above THOMAS JOHNSTON? who died 13th December 1968 aged 84 years.  Also WILLIAM EDWARD JOHNSTONE their dear son who died in the Far East, 15th February 1942 aged 25 years.

Section E - Row 1 - 3 - Baxter

In Sacred Memory of our dear mother MARGARET BAXTER, who died at Coldstream Cottage Hospital, 20th June 1934 aged 46 years.

Section E - Row 1 - 4 -  Moffat

In Loving Memory of WILLIAM MOFFAT who died at Donaldsons Lodge, 27th July 1933 aged 65 years.  Also of wife of the above who died 29th Oct. 1934 aged 63 years.


This stone has fallen and we cannot check it .


Section E - Row 1 - 5 -  Fallen stone


Section E - Row 1 - 6 - Whillis/Smith

In Loving Memory of SARAH WHILLIS, beloved wife of JOHN SMITH who died at Cornhill, 2nd March 1932 aged 79 years.  Also their dear children, GEORGE 13 years, SARAH ELLEN aged 8 years, JOHN WILLIAM aged 6 years.

Section E - Row 1 - 7 - Trotter/Ford

In Loving Memory of MAGGIE TROTTER, beloved wife of JOHN FORD, who died at St. Cuthberts, 24th January 1932 aged 66 years.

Section E - Row 1 - 8 -  Robertson

Erected by PETER ROBERTSON, Oxendean Burn.  In Loving Memory of his wife JANE SWAN who died 15th Sept. 1929 aged 62 years.  Also the above PETER ROBERTSON who died 21st Novr. 1947 aged 83 years.  Also ELENOR, daughter of the above who died in infancy.

      (Christ will link the broken chain)